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So this Christmas, my family, bf, and I will be taking a cruise down the Danube (River, in Germany). After the cruise, we plan to spend a couple of days in and around Munich. Since there will be six of us, we decided that it might be good to rent a car to be able to see the areas outside of Munich, too. But, being the cheapskates that we are (the whole family), Terence (brother) decided to reserve a car with a manual transmission. So while this saves hundreds of dollars, the problem becomes who's going to drive it... since none of us know how to drive stick.

Thus, within the next six months, I need to learn and become comfortable enough to drive stick in a foreign country. I started last night in my friend's Nissan Maxima (Max). While faring better than I expected, I haven't quite made it to the point where I can reliably get the car going from a complete stop without lurching or stalling. At least I can handle shifting and braking. We'll see how the next six months go :)


Brett said...

And with the propensity of your family of yelling at each other, I don't see this going well at all. How many backseat drivers can you stand having?

Mike must really want to see Germany to want to voluntarily spend that much time in such cramped quarters with your family.

fert said...

pfft. i'm making him go :| this of course means that next year i'm going to need to spend time with his family (i love them).

Christine said...

Germany is wonderful all year round, but especially at Christmas--you'll love it!

Stick shift is not so bad. Once you can get out of first into second, you've got it.

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