i won?!?


Really? I won?!? Thanks to Holly for collecting and sorting and hosting and sending and everything else she did for such a cool give-away! When my googlereader hit the new decor8 posting, the first thing I noticed was that my screen name was somehow in the middle of the post... then I noticed the title... and then I choked on a little cottage cheese and spat some all over my computer monitor (Note to self: must find internet article on cleaning lcd screens).

So now I am eagerly awaiting a package of goodies and noticing how many people are clicking to this blog. Hello everybody! A special hello to the contributors. Maybe I got something beefy?


Claire said...

Congratulations!! I'm another one of the winners. I just about died when I saw my name on the post! Especially when I went through and re-read it. That's when I realized that Holly only picked 10 names out of over 1000! Congratulations again.

Uncle Beefy said...

CONGRATS, Ms. Fert! ;) Yes indeedy you should likely be gittin' some beefy goodness in there somewhere! Could scarcely believe that I knew 2 of the 10 given how MANY people were vying for a package! Crazy foshizzle!
The gods were smilin' on you fert...and claire too :)

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