the skip and the storm


Sometime in the middle of her Summer '08 Seattle vacation, Jukki was sitting still. It gave me the opportunity to plant a knitted flower on her head. I don't remember where it started, but Jukki illustrations usually include flower-headedness. The flower is from a Nikki Epstein book. Jukki's flower was attached to a wire and wrapped with flower tape (both courtesy of Linh). Brett was spared a flower to his head, though. It was very nice to see them both and very kind of them to visit.

We ended up eating and doing a lot of fun things this last week. And though Brett came for a good amount of time, he missed most of the home-"cooking." I made a batch of no knead bread (this time with bread flour, but forgot to proof) the night that Jukki came. We also sprouted some alfalfa and harvested some basil for a pesto. Be happy you missed that, Brett. The sprouts had a distinct smell by the time they were grown.

Juk also bought herself an i-phone! She stood in line (where, in true Seattle fashion, she got to know the people around her but will never see them again) for three hours at University Village. So, of course, I had to knit her a little cozy for it. That's an owl in cables on it.


bòn said...

you need to add a stem so that the flower can flop over

fert said...

it's actually taller than how this picture shows. i would have made it taller but the wires you gave me limited it :) i put more pictures up later. :)

Bellmer Doll said...

I still have the knitted flower you sent me <3.

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