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Though I still love the idea of mokume gane, making our own wedding bands sound kinda cool, too. GE and I learned of this from a woman at Fusion Beads. We were taking a silver fusing class (once my camera gets back from its trip to Vancouver, I'll post pictures of the hammered bracelet I made) and the woman in the know was sitting beside me :)

say it ain't so...


Has it really been that long since I've written here? I blame it all on graduate school. I'll be better soon... really.

To prove I haven't been slacking in the crafts dept, though, here's a sweater and matching booties I made for LN and SN's new baby, May. And may I say, FINALLY, one of my friends has a female baby. Let the pink fluff flow forth from my needles and the flowers be crocheted! Next up: sweater for GL' and JL's similarly aged little girl.

**and I have no idea why blogger's decided to cut off the picture where it does...

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