how a sewing machine works

why no blog, jog?


My initials are JOG. I'm mostly just glad it's not another vowel in the middle. O's are pretty innocuous. But enough about the initials. You might be wondering why I haven't blogged much lately. Yeah, I don't know either. There's a lot to blog about, actually. I just haven't had the gumption to blog about it. I've started, cursed at, and finished a couple of knitting projects, sewing projects and have finally painted that YACK (yet another chalkboard kitchen) wall. I've also found a couple of places I'm considering having the wedding reception at in LA. Multitudes of wedding ideas and all this other stuff, that if you stick with me, I'll eventually blog about.

So if you want those blog posts, you gotta talk to the powers that be (otherwise known as the editors and reviewers at Nature Neuroscience) to just go ahead and print my journal article so that I can go back to harassing the internet for more hours than my boss should know about.

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