Why do it yourself?


When someone's already made all these inspiration boards for you?

wedding dresses...


Gotta start thinking about planning stuff. So here's a couple of styles of wedding dressed I've come across today. Three drastically different silhouettes but each dress has its plusses and minuses.



That "F" in TGIF stands for funding. The stimulus passed with the Specter-Durbin (Republicans!) Amendment intact. We might not need to deport the non-US citizen post-docs that are in my lab :) And people will be funded to find the cure for Alzheimer's or Parkinson's!

back in the saddle again


Yarn dominance. These two words are going to be the end of me. Halfway through the second Endpaper Mitt, I've realized that I've been holding the wrong yarn in the dominant position. So the balance of green on white has been disturbed. There may be a frogging of four inches worth of mitt in the near future. Sadness.

yes my friends,


It's been a while. Life's gone a bit gaga with trying to get a (scientific) paper together, Christmas in Europe, a conference in Colorado and this whole thing about keeping my place from looking like a pig sty. But I promise to start blogging again. Really.

But I have been doing some craftiness... witness the hats we're wearing in the picture above. I made those! Because it was friggin' cold in Vienna after we ran out of glühwein for the fourth time.

And another place to learn to cook from in Seattle:
Culinary Communion

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