I can't find this print except for one store on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley: Ansel Adams' West from the Big C. That barely-seen building on the upper right of the picture (above the grassy area) is where I worked for most of my undergrad. If the picture were to be extended ever so slightly to the right, that grassy area would be where my apartment would (will) be. I miss that area.

I don't want anyone to think I'm not happy in Seattle, though. In fact I have lots of fun in my neighborhood here. I don't even have to leave my building to have fun. Our neighbors (beside and below) are great and MG and I just randomly go over to their places all the time. In fact, one of the reasons we got a pug was because our neighbor's pug was so cute. Though Lucas the pug's lethargy turned out to be a misrepresentation... here's a magnificently magnificent picture I took of Lucas a couple of days ago. Worthy of the Getty Images (which is recruiting, btw).


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