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A while back, I knit this for Jackie. It's a wood spirit (kodama) from the movie Princess Mononoke. When I finished it, I brought it in to work to show a fellow crafter. I left it on my desk for a bit and got some puzzled looks from my coworkers. Not one had seen any Hayao Miyazaki movie. So when I got home that day, I went to my pathetic DVD collection to find my copy of Mononoke but when I opened it, there wasn't a DVD inside the case. I lost it somewhere between Seattle and San Francisco. So if you are driving somewhere in Oregon and find some ragged old DVD on the side of the highway, let me know. I have some Europeans to educate on non-pornographic (did I mention all my coworkers are male) japanese animation.

The next iteration of the little guy will include a rattle inside. I want to make one sitting indian-style and a taller, skinnier one.


Leeloo said...

I vote you make me a little tree & spirit!

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