backs against the wicket


Today, I conned a friend into helping me move a gargantuan sideboard/hutch (the two are permanently attached). In the process, I strained my back a smidge. Sadly, the next thing on the agenda was a friendly game of cricket... you know, that game where everyone wears white and plays baseball all funky. Since my back was slightly wonky, I wasn't able to play :( So I worked on getting rid of my unsightly farmer's tan from wwkip. Afterwards, some of the cricketeers busted out a huge propane-powered pot and cooked Louisiana style crawdads! They were delicious little water-bugs. And now, after cleaning a bit at home, we'll be going to a couple happy hours to send off a good friend leaving to start a new post-doc in Irvine, California. Hopefully, I won't be too hung over to blog tomorrow.


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