pig ear for the pug ear


Hemi and I just got back from a(n expensive) vet visit. The poor little bugger has an ear infection. And let me tell you, pugs are not the most cooperative little patients. Both the vet techs who showed me how to put the topical medicine onto the infected areas chuckled at the thought of having to administer the medication daily for the next two weeks. But I think it won't be too bad as long as we bribe him with his favorite treat: pig ears. He likes it when we hold his chew toy up for him to gnaw on, so hopefully we'll be able to sneak the medication in while he's happily gnawing away. At least this is slightly less disgusting than his bout of giardia.


Unknown said...

aaaww, poor hems (and poor jery's pocketbook)! but i'm loving the mobster look! all he needs now is a bowler hat. oo! you should knit him one!

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