letterpressing classes


i love the look and feel of letterpress and ooh, baby, i'd love to learn how to do it. i'd make some calling cards like this gorgeous feather motif-ed card from brooklyn social cards. some google-sleuthing pointed to a school in seattle with a class teaching letterpressing to beginners! unfortunately, i can't afford the $500+ tuition. one of these days, though, i'll find a nice person who will let me apprentice in return for chocolate chip cookies or something.


Anonymous said...

find one in the oc and i'll make the cookies, you just come down.

Susan said...

Hi :) Berit pointed me to your blog and I love letterpress, too (wedding planning made me want a lot of pretty things that I couldn't afford). I googled up some stuff and found this:
The class is $180.
I also looked here:
I hope your letterpress dreams come true :P

See you in the fall!

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