falling into the no-knead bread line...


Whenever I saw lovely incarnations of the no-knead bread I always wondered whether my crust-avoiding self would like the lack of chewy middle areas. After my first attempt of making this bread, though, I have been converted. The crust was so yummily crumbly and flaky. Even as it came out of the dutch oven (Lodge brand, no enamel), I knew I'd love the taste and texture of it. The one down side is, much like other artisan breads, it didn't keep for too long. I think I'd probably only make it for when company comes over so that it can be finished before it goes stale. Future applications of this bread will have to include fresh bruschetta. But first I think I'd need to buy a worthy bread knife to cut the bread nice and thin.


v.v.n said...

how did you fold your bread "blanket"? looks so perfect, yet haphazard. teach please.

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