aphid update


Well, my ladybug friend did not kill the aphids. There are still some lurking around my poor little basil. But my ladybug friend's children might! I found ladybug eggs that will hatch ladybug larvae that also eat aphids. Them little tykes plus a little soapy water might save the day! Since I've started spraying the plants with very dilute dish soap, there are a lot less of the little buggers. We'll see.


Bellmer Doll said...

Darn those mooches. Perhaps you can move some of the larvae over to your non-infested plants as a preemptive strike?

fert said...

I had quarantined the infested plants hoping that they wouldn't spread. But, alas, I was too late. Thankfully, "quarantined" meant outside where most of the insects blew off in the wind, I think. For the last couple of days, I've only found a couple lingering aphids. I kinda feel bad that the little ladybug larvae might starve :|

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