sick pug


Hemi keeps coughing... he coughed all. through. the. night. We have to take him to the vet tomorrow if it doesn't get better. MG and I can't tell if he's got a cold or he has something like aluminum foil (don't ask) stuck in his throat. Poor pug.

EDIT: it's kennel cough. He sounds like he's coughing up his spleen.


bòn said...

oh man, welcome to the world of constant visits to the vet. Poor you!

Leeloo said...

Emil caught Kennel Cough after I had taken him to get his hair cut, and he had to stay in the kennels for a little while (it ate me alive.. I hated every second of it, and I've never taken him back. I cut his hair myself now). It was so sad hearing him cough, but I knew right away something was wrong. I know exactly how you felt and are feeling now! Poor baby!

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