science! in politics


Obama reveals his science advisors. Two Nobel prizers, former director of AAAS, and a former dean at Stanford (boooo!). While he gets some flak because of the heavy life science influence, I'm particularly happy with the fact that I might actually get funding sometime in my future! Hurrah!!!
On the other hand, McCain is not revealing his advisors. Eight years ago, I would have given him the benefit of the doubt but at this point in time, his advisors might includes Michael Behe.


Gabriel said...

Yes - it's a Stanford person... but yay! A Hopkins dude -- go Dr. Peter Agre! :)

Berit said...

SCIENCE??? who cares about SCIENCE when there is epic REAL jery news to tell?! i was fully expecting a post. sniff sniff. now i will have to stalk you via phone.

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