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There's a contest over at weddingbee to make an inspiration board with a Kathlin Argiro bridesmaid dress. Since the grand prize consists of five custom bridesmaid dresses, I had to give it a go. So I spent a good amount of last night (i.e. submitted at 3am) putting together this board of stuff I would love to have were I to win the lotto. Whaddya think?


Unknown said...

I think I have given up any hope of reading about anything other than your unscheduled wedding on your blog until it's happened. =)

Anonymous said...

Very spring!! All clean and fresh :)

Jackie likes the cake, wedding dress, center piece (or just flowers?), rings (but I've told you that I think that those really nifty before). The bouquets are OK (needs some orchids to match with your cake, and Jery's style). The menus are pretty darn awesome.

I don't remember what you wanted for wedding favors, but if I do remember correctly, would they fit in the little boxes?

Mushrooooooms?? :O Not quite sure what the crow and grass picture is. The SUPER BRIGHT GREEN for the bridesmaids dresses...o_O!!! Perhaps more the hue of the shoes or the grass? Methinks I'd send over some potential drafts for an invitation. It doesn't look "Jery" enough :)

Is Mike ready to wear a green and pink? :)

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